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Creative mind, strategic thinker. Award-winning but results-oriented. Market-savvy, audience friendly. Can either be a team player or lead the team and am comfortable in either role.

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Accolades & Achievements

And there’s a lot to look at here, don’t feel you need to look at everything or watch every clip in its entirety.



“We’re Open”

Winner, Gold Addy Award for Best Outdoor

This is fun. If more were like this, we wouldn’t mind the traffic in this town. Or, at least we’d know how late we were going to be. 

“You Love Her”

Silver Addy Winner, Best Local TV Spot :30

Creativity on a budget.

“All Natural”

Gold Addy Winner, Best Out-of-Home Media

Legendary photographer Arthur Meyerson said his shots couldn’t be cropped or manipulated in any way, boxing us into a corner. Luckily, a headline came in and saved the day. This was before things like “all natural” and “organic” were commonplace, so it was pretty fresh back then.

“Karyn With A Y”

Gold Addy Winner, Best Regional Radio :60
Gold Addy Winner, Best Regional Campaign

Damn, I wish the audio player was working. But click anyway and you can read it, you’ll be glad you did. This one caused quite a stir when it aired.

“Paved Page”

Gold Addy Winner, Best Business-to-Business Ad

Drive…um, read…carefully.

“The Sickest Thing”

Ad for the most expensive haunted house in New Orleans, a negative turned into a positive. Sorta.

“Happy Birthday”

A tip-in for a winter sportswear company out of Seattle. A provocative little ad that, when it’s on the web, is super SEO-friendly. Longform, but good form.

“It Ain’t Walt Disney”

An ad for a cartoon that’s not your usual G-friendly family affair. A hit ad for a hit anime.

“Drip, Drip, Drip”

Let’s say a plumbing company that’s been around for decades wants to feel more current. This’ll do it.

“Home Sweet Home”

Winner, Silver Addy, Best Direct Mail Campaign

A direct mail campaign for a noble cause, designed to pluck the heartstrings of the faithful.


A trailer for one of the anime I wrote, directed, and produced. I think it makes the grade.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Sam Phillips

Mellow With Rage

The Big Draw

Jesus Wept


Stunning animation—and a stunning performance by Josh Sheltz who plays Talos. Josh is one of the many talents I discovered. I post this clip to show, not just how good Josh is, but that it’s a pretty amazing performance I got out of him, his very first time in the recording booth.

This stoner comedy was a huge hit and a blast to work on. Be sure to stay with the clip long enough to hear Jay Hickman as the robot student. I think it’s one of the best performances I’ve every directed.


The first goth anime, Gilgamesh was honored the year of its release as the Best Horror Anime. To get the dark performances the show needed, I dressed up the studio with black, skeletal trees, hanging silks, and recorded by candlelight, asking all the actors to wear black to their sessions. It was a grand experiment that yielded big results. I also worked with the Alamo Drafthouse to screen the show at a gothic glam black carpet premiere.



One of the most ambitious productions I had ever undertaken, The Super Milk-Chan Show featured a live action sitcom that I wrote (in addition to the script) which ran in between the animated segments. The series ran on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.



My magnum opus. The infamous Ghost Stories. It came to me a poor man’s Scooby-Doo knockoff for children and I transformed it into a South Parkian joke fest that’s definitely not for kids. This is the compilation a fan edited together that garnered over 4,500,000 views before Sony had it taken down. GS is often cited as the best anime dub ever produced.



Interviews for an extra I produced for the DVD for Pani Poni Dash. The girls were great and the interviews turned out very well. These are the bloopers because they’re much more fun. Enjoy!

           Accolades & Achievements

This & That of The Year

Anime industry bible, Play Magazine, awarded my show Gilgamesh as the Best Horror Anime of the Year and Ghost Stories as the Best Dub of The Year. They also named me Producer of The Year, the only time then or since the publication has given such an honor.

Hot 100

Every year, the national publication Out Magazine issues a “hot list” of 100 people who made an indelible impact on entertainment, politics, sports, science, art, and culture. In 2005, I was honored to be on that list, alongside Anne Hathaway, Michael Kors, Rufus Wainwright, Iman, and John Cameron Mitchell, to name a few.

Ghost Stories

After leaving the industry, my show Ghost Stories is widely hailed as the best dub ever produced. One compilation of clips on YouTube skyrockets to over 4 million views in just 2 years. To this day, the video receives over 1,000 views each day.

Thank you so much for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.